Vigorosa Roses | Repeat Flowering Roses

Vigorosa roses
Salmon Vigorosa rose.


Vigorosa roses are hardy, floriferous, repeat blooming ground cover type roses that grow in a natural graceful, arching habit. Sometimes called Balconia roses or hanging basket roses, Vigorosa roses are available in a rainbow of colors all with glossy green foliage. Forget the annual hanging baskets, with Vigorosa roses the flower power out blooms even the prolific petunia. Once you start gardening with these versatile roses, the possibilities are endless! I plant a few 4 inch plants in hanging baskets to create a quick colorful basket, tuck them in colorful containers with ornamental grasses, all but replaced every Drift roses at farm with them, and of course have planted them along walkways as a sea of color in the perennial garden. Developed in the late 1990’s in Germany by the rose hybridizers W. Kordes Sohne, the Vigorosa Series of roses have received the prestigious ADR decoration for superior qualities by a garden rose.

Varieties of Vigorosa roses:

Solero™ Vigorosa; produces lush, double lemon chiffon flowers. So sweet when paired with the snowy white flowers of Innocencia Vigorosa.

Vigorosa roses
Raspberry Vigorosa rose growing in a hanging basket

Toscana™ Vigorosa; a remarkable rose that creates a waterfall of deep magenta pink flowers touched with red.

Innocencia™ Vigorosa; the perfect pure white rose to drape over a container or to grace a walkway. Very stunning with planted with Purple Fountain grass in a colorful container.

Sweet™ Vigorosa; formally known as Neon Balconia, which is really a better name that describes the electric neon pink color of the double blooms.

Raspberry™ Vigorosa; as refreshing as summer fruit, this petite trailing rose is packed with color.

Salmon™ Vigorosa; such a unique color to add to the garden or patio setting, Salmon Vigorosa produces lovely, lush double salmon colored blooms.

All Vigorosa roses produce tight clusters of colorful flowers along long canes which grow in an arching habit that extend out to 36 inches. These roses love to be trimmed! The floral show starts in late spring and continues well into late fall. A self cleaning rose; the spent blooms if not deadheaded will dry up and fall off. The main rose bush grows to approximately 10-18 inches tall and continues to produce new shoots from the base of the rose. An own root rose; Vigorosa roses are cold hardy to USDA zone 5, heat and humidity tolerant to zone 9 and perform well in full sun to locations with afternoon shade.

As easy to grow as, they are to admire, plant Vigorosa roses in well-drained garden soil, or premium potting soil if growing in a container. Fertilize at the beginning of the season with a slow release rose fertilizer and supplement throughout the growing season with a liquid kelp fertilizer. Let the soil dry out in between watering, and always water at the base of the rose if possible. If planting en masse as a flowering ground cover, install drip irrigation or use a soaker line. Come winter trim back any long canes which might be broken during winter storms. Remove all dead or dying foliage from the base of the rose. Stop fertilizing 4-6 weeks before the first frost in your area. Lightly mulch around the base.

Have some fun and experiment with Vigorosa roses in the garden!

Vigorosa Roses
Solero Vigorosa rose



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