Advantages of Own Root Roses

Purple reblooming rose
Plum Perfect ™ Sunbelt ® Shrub Rose fragrant and a heavy rebloomer!

Think roses are fussy, think again! Steer clear of those box store and bagged grafted bare root roses that you find in the spring at garden centers, and instead choose the smart choice – own-root roses. Once you start growing own root roses you will experience the joy of carefree rose gardening.

For a quick way to tell the difference between and own root rose and a grafted rose check out this post.

Advantages of Own Root Roses

1. Healthier plants with higher disease resistance than grafted roses. Own root roses are more vigorous, hardier plants with healthier, more pliable root systems, which allow the rose to quickly adapt to new environments, thus producing blooms faster than grafted varieties.

2. No root-stock suckers will emerge from the base of the rose or at the graft union. Own root roses will produce new basal growth at the base of the rose resulting in a larger, more vigorous bush with more canes. Even if your own root rose freezes back to the soil level, or is accidentally cut down, it will re-sprout true to type.

3. Improved winter hardiness: No more worrying about your rose surviving a harsh winter when a rose is planted in its proper zone. Own root roses are especially advantageous in regions where winters bring freezing temperatures. Because there is no graft or bud union, if the plant freezes above ground, its roots will still thrive.

Cold hardy red rose
Ice-frosted Grande Amore ™ Rose – Repeat blooming fragrant own root rose

4. Virus free! Grafted roses are very susceptible to the Rose Mosaic virus that can be transmitted during grafting.

5. Durable, healthy roses that develop more canes, which means more flowers! No fussy trimming required with these tough roses, instead just trim back to promote new foliage and blooms.

Disadvantages of own-root roses, non that I can find. Now you know my preference… when given the choice I will always opt for the own root rose..

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