Best White Garden Roses

White climbing rose
Honeymoon ™ Arborose ® climbing white rose. Just a stunning smaller climber!

In the garden white can be used to tone down color chaos, punctuate a focal point, or create a sense of serenity and peace. White is not a color, but classified as a tone, used by artists to create tonal variations of a hue. Think of this neutral tone as the cohesive tie that can bind together any garden genre. White roses are versatile in their bloom, growth habit and fragrance that they make adding white an easy addition to every garden.

White roses can be planted en masse when used in the classical tonal white garden, and when paired with silver and grey foliage plants the effect can be stunning. Big on bold color? Don’t forget container planting with white roses and perennialsto add white flowering roses to bring out vibrant colors such as magenta, velvet-red or lime green. Container gardens which are a fascination of mine, lend themselves perfectly to small garden vignettes when planted with smaller shrub white roses, ornamental grasses and annuals. With so many roses to choose from, selecting the best variety can be a challenge. Still stumped? Read on..

My Top 5 White Roses:

Bolero Shrub Rose: Part of the Romantica® Series of roses. This hardy floribunda rose produces fluffy 100+ petaled flowers that are pure snow-white. The lovely flowers are perfumed with a rich rose fragrance crossed with a fresh fruity aroma and sport resilient petals and long stems that produce the perfect cut flower. Hardy in zones 5-9, Bolero is a compact rose that matures to 3-4 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide. The foliage is a medium green with a light gloss. PP#17841

White Eden Climbing Rose: An old-fashioned own root English style rose with white flowers on a vigorous bush that blooms from spring to fall. The foliage is a deep dark green, disease resistant and contrasts perfectly with the white roses. During cooler weather the blooms may take on a light pink hue. The luscious creamy white blooms have just a hint of tea rose fragrance. Hardy in zones 5-9 this repeat climbing rose will reach 12 feet tall at maturity and 6-8 feet wide. All Eden roses can be slow to get established, so patience is necessary when growing this variety.

white eden rose
White Eden climbing rose. A classic white rose with a lovely fragrance.

Iceberg Shrub Rose:  An indispensable shrub rose, and the original flowering rose-bush to use as a hedge, Iceberg is a hardy floribunda rated for zones 5-9. Some gardeners have difficulty growing Iceberg rose, but I had found black-spot and mildew not to be an issue when grown in full sun and pruned for proper ventilation. In cooler temperatures, the blooms can take on a slight blush pink cast, which I find very pleasing. Iceberg rose typically grows to about 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Cloud 10: A dreamy pure white climbing rose that blooms heavily in the spring and will re-bloom throughout the season. It has exceptionally clean foliage and a full flower, similar to the English roses. It is hardy to zone 5 climates, but may perform more like a large shrub in cooler temperatures than a climber growing to just over 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Cloud 10 rose will perform exceptionally well in any garden, but especially in the south and all areas troubled with black spot. PP 24,295

cloud 10 climbing white rose
Cloud 10 rose in full bloom. Versatile! use as a large shrub or small climber.

Arborose Honeymoon climbing rose: A stunning large petaled creamy white climbing rose that grows to 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Ideal for growing in small spaces or for low walls and garden trellis structures. The large petaled flowers are reminiscent of old English roses with a slight touch of vanilla fragrance. Foliage is disease resistant and glossy. PP 26,168 KORtramelio


Best White Garden Roses

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