Best Of The Week No. 3


Christmas on Thanksgiving, Artist in Residence and The Best Champagne Stopper

This post should really be titled, “Best of the Past Week” as it recaps a wonderful week we shared with my mom at Thanksgiving. It is always a joy to have family around for the holidays, and my mom who is 84 this year, makes holiday celebrations delightfully special. Not being able to share Christmas with her this year, as she is traveling to be with my sister and her family, we indulged and celebrated an early Christmas on Thanksgiving.

An Early Christmas:

Here I’m experimenting with my new selfie / tripod stick. I’ll give a review in a few weeks when I have more time to try it out. As you can see I’m still working on the Bluetooth focus feature 🙂

It felt indulgent to open gifts prior to Christmas morning, but we couldn’t resist sharing the moments in person with my mom. I always tell myself to take more photos, but usually I get so wrapped up in the joy of the moment that I neglect taking more than just a few pictures. I’m not sure that is a negative, as I read recently that many of us spend so much time taking pictures and selfies that we fail to really embrace the moment.  My family thoroughly enjoyed the day and we all had many blessings to give thanks for at dinner.

Artist In Residence:


My mom is a very accomplished artist and whenever she is at our home we like to joke that we, like the Medici family, have an ‘artist in residence’.  The makeshift art studio is my kitchen island, covered in black plastic to protect the marble counters. This summer I’m taking the plunge and will attempt to learn to paint with lessons from my favorite artist. This lovely work completed last week just needs a frame and will find a place in our home among our growing art collection.


The Best Champagne Stopper:

Finally, what is there not to love about champagne! Occasionally after a long day I will unwind with a nice glass of champagne and some good music. A perfect end to a perfect day. I think it’s the Champagne-Stopperdeliciously dry taste paired with the intoxicating bubbles that makes it so appealing. What is not appealing is sampling the remainder of a bottle of champagne that has gone flat. Yuck!! Not even useful to cook with. So for all of you champagne lovers I’ve finally found a stopper that works, and for $7.00. Yes, it’s true. Here is the link to Williams and Sonoma Champagne stopper.




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