Lady Banks Climbing Rose Plant 5" Container


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An old-fashioned climbing rose with modern day disease resistance and prolific bloom production. Lady Banks rose produces lovely, lush, lemon yellow blooms that are delightfully fragrant! First discovered in England in 1864, this tender climber has gained world-wide favor for it's profuse spring blooms, vigorous growth and nearly thornless canes. Evergreen in milder zones, Lady Banks rose will perform well in zones 6 and above. 

This rose ships in a 5 inch deep container actively growing and ready to be planted in your garden. Our premium roses will thrive in the garden. Grown organically at our licensed farm and plant nursery in Oregon! 

MATURE SIZE: 15-20 feet tall x 10-15 feet wide
COLOR: Lemon chiffon yellow
BLOOM SIZE: Mini double petal blooms, with 25+ petals per bloom
FOLIAGE: Medium green
PESTICIDE FREE: Grown using only organic methods without pesticides!
SHIPPED IN: 5 inch x 3.75 inch container

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