Greetings! We are so pleased that you decided to visit us online and browse our plants and edibles. Like you, we are passionate plant lovers and gardeners for life. 

Our licensed nursery is located at the foot of the majestic Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon near the border of Washington and Idaho. It's big country up where we work and live, and the region is often referred to as the Oregon Alps for the stunning mountain peaks and cold, snowy winters. 


About Our Plants - 

Naturally grown and virus free...

Our roses are annually certified virus-free and pest-free by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. All of our plants and products are grown naturally, without pesticides or synthetic chemicals. We specialize in growing beautiful roses, herbs, perennials, and edible goods. Our farm and nursery is a bee, butterfly and bird friendly environment. We do not use neonicotinoids. 

Central to our rose growing program is our commitment to growing pesticide-free, using only OMRI certified materials. All varieties are grown on their own root when possible for increased vigor, disease resistance, increased bloom production , and increased cold hardiness. No more bare root roses to struggle with - our roses are shipped actively growing and ready to be planted in your garden.

Healthy, actively growing plants direct to you...

We've made growing beautiful roses easier with our new 1.5 gallon fiber containers. Just unwrap, plant the fiber pot directly in the soil, water and enjoy. That's it! No more struggling with bare root roses. 

Our Iris and Herb plants are grown in roomy, quart size containers to produce more robust root systems and healthier plants. Our custom soil mix contains essential nutrients to give you plant a great head start including an important mycorrhizal inoculant. 

potted iris plants












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